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Our Program

Tablet Learning

InClusion Services' ABA behavior Intervention is for children & Adults. ABA is an evidence-based practice that uses positive reinforcement to bring meaningful behavior change and rewarding outcomes. Our interventions teach individuals the critical skills needed to be successful in an environment & reduce problem behavior to improve their life and the lives of those caring for them.

InClusion Services believes communication is key. Our team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts identify an individual's needs and create a plan to guide them in achieving successful communication, effective behavior management, and other essential skills.


Caregiver Participation

InClusion Services Believes that caregiver participation is an integral part of services to ensure that changes in behavior and the acquisition of new skills are maintained over time and therefore incorporates goals for the caregiver participation into the treatment plan.

Transition Planning

Behavior services are not meant to last a lifetime and InClusion Services is dedicated to efficient and effective behavior services that only last as long as is needed. With that in mind, a plan fir fading services is created at the onset of services that clearly outlines the goal of transitioning out of behavior services when possible, with the target length of service being no more then a meeting with caregivers and the regional center will be scheduled to discuss a new transition plan.



InClusion Services firmly believes in the power of positive reinforcement to change behavior. An individual's behavior is based on the consequences that follow. When the consequence is something desirable, an individual will engage in that behavior again. Our approach, backed by clinical research, upholds that punishment is not necessary to change behavior. 

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We proudly serve
Norbay  Regional Center clients in their home & community .

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