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Greetings and Welcome to the Inclusion Services Department of Human Resources!

The Inclusion Services Department of Human Resources is committed to supporting the mission of the organization through its person-centered thinking and striving to provide gracious and prompt service to its diverse workforce.  As a strategic partner, the Human Resources team collaborates with the Inclusion Services community to develop programs and initiatives tailored to provide quality services to our employees and clients.  The core services of the Department of Human Resources include recruitment, training & development, benefits, risk management, payroll, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Our success is measured through the care and retention of our talented employees, our most valuable resource.  For this reason, we are dedicated to attracting, retaining, and developing our workforce to meet and exceed the support of our consumers. Our services have been designed to support faculty and staff in their roles. 

Working in collaboration with the Regional Center community, our Department of Human Resources is striving to create a work environment where all members treat one another with respect and work to enhance the employee and client experience.

Erica Avila

Director of Human Resources 

PHONE: (562) 945-2000 ext 235


Are you looking for a CAREER?

Inclusion Services offer a various career opportunities for individuals seeking to expand their horizons. ICS is known for supporting a variety of individuals in over 12 Regional Centers across Southern California.

Gabriela Robles
HR Assistant Manager
(562) 945-2000 Ext: 226
Uriel Rubalcaba
HR Specialist
(562) 945-2000 Ext: 264
Monica Robles
HR Specialist
(562) 945-2000 Ext: 256
Isabella Macias
HR Specialist
(562) 945-2000 Ext: 275
Jade Carrasca
HR Clerk
562.945.2000 Ext.224
Aaron Torres
HR Office Clerk
(562) 945-2000 Ext: 239
Hope Diaz
HR Receptionist
(562) 457-3688 ext.300
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We are committed to reinforcing the values of Inclusion Services in everything we do
  • Commitment to the highest intellectual standards

  • Commitment to the highest standards of human rights and freedoms

  • Commitment to have the employee and client experience be a central consideration in decision making

  • Commitment to civility and respect for others

  • Commitment to be a responsible caretaker of people, culture, resources and the environment

Core Values

The core values below are the guiding principles by which the HR Department operates.  We are committed to fulfilling the goals of Inclusion Services through our unwavering core values.


I NTEGRITY            through truthfulness and accuracy

N URTURE               strong business relationships and growth/development

C OMMITMENT    to excellence 

L EARNING             acquisition of knowledge and skills through experience and training

U NWAIVERING    strong and steady in our core values to fulfill the mission of ICS

S UPPORT                the ICS community through gracious and prompt service

I NGENUITY          skill and innovation to keep HR processes up to date in our practices.

O PPORTUNITY    knocks, the possibilities are endless and you are in the driver’s seat.

N EUTRAL            viewpoint and approach

Are you ready to START your Career?

Do you enjoy helping others and are looking to start a career as a support staff? Inclusion Services LLC is currently accepting applicants for support staff and management positions.


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